Traction X-Ray

Identify scope, de-risk estimates, and gain a holistic view
of client Salesforce orgs to deliver an exceptional
client experience.

Setting the standard for Salesforce consultants.

Adding Traction X-Ray to your consulting toolkit allows you to create adaptive roadmaps and identify critical blind spots during project delivery.

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Transform Salesforce users into lifetime advocates

Exceed Salesforce user expectations to keep them excited about the platform. Provide details on security risks, poor code, and API retirement up-front to build trust and help clients flourish.

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Avoid setbacks and red accounts

Diagnose problems, review risks, and create thorough action plans to mitigate surprise reshuffles, last-minute changes, and other unforeseen obstacles that might set you over budget.

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Scale consulting teams faster

Reach more customers faster, no matter the skill level of your consultants. With clearly outlined targets and needs, assessing org complexity becomes a simple task for any consultant.

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Fast forward your understanding of a Salesforce org.

Uncover hidden technical debt, accurately estimate project timelines, and complete projects with scalability in mind to help your clients thrive.

  • Diagnose technical challenges in Salesforce orgs before beginning work.
  • View benchmark scoring to see how a client's org compares to similar orgs.
  • Present scorecards that make it clear is a client is lagging or leading among the rest.
  • Review actionable insights to create a roadmap that works best for you and your clients.

Start diagnosing today.

Be a Salesforce mechanic.

Know what’s under the hood without even looking. Traction X-Ray saves you from having to perform manual inspections and the possibility of missing any other critical tech debt, security risks, or broken code.

Raise the bar.

Stronger with every scan.

Keep data private.

About Traction X-Ray.

Traction X-Ray was developed based on the real need to understand the inner workings of a Salesforce org quickly and clearly. By taking a code-based approach for analysis and combining it with a simplified framework of understanding, the first “X-Ray Scan” was produced. The value of this output was clear: the team could see risks that even their clients weren’t aware of which meant being able to address challenges up-front instead of mid-way through a project. Save time and money… automatically? Yes, please.

Our team is dedicated to building the best Salesforce diagnostic tool that helps both in-house Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Integrators alike. We believe that Traction X-Ray is the key to efficiently and effectively optimizing Salesforce for all users.

Start scanning today.

Contact us to learn more about how you can use Traction X-Ray to deliver truly exceptional client experiences.